LETRAS.COM - Letras de canciones


We ask you to follow the instructions below to make the collection as organized as possible:

General rules

1Send the written and formatted lyric correctly, like this , without spelling mistakes, ciphers or other messages that are not the letter itself;

2Check if the lyrics are really from the artist and if it matches the song (you can find information on the artist's official website or social media);

3We do not research the total perfection of the lyrics, it is earned through the good faith and corrections of the users of the site;

4All titles must follow the standard of using capital letters at the beginning of each word: "Nothing Else Matters";

5When there is more than one writer, make sure their names are separated with a forward slash. For example: "Bruno Mars / Philip Lawrence";

6If you know the name(s) of the writer(s) of a song, you can send it to us via the option "This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.", on the lyric's page;

7The contributions may take up to 2 business days to be published on the website;

8The contributions published on the website may contain mistakes. Any user can submit a correction when a mistake is found and he/she knows the correct information.

9Do not submit racist, derogatory, engage in any kind of discrimination songs or that violates any Brazilian law.

Specific rules for translations

1Only English translations will be published;

2You must not send lyrics translated "word for word", nor translated from an automatic translation tool;