I Lost Myself


Why is it hard, to know this heart?
Estranged from who I am
And who, who was I before I lost myself?

And I try to; I desire to know who I am
And I fight to; find it tough to be myself

And all those word I didn't say
The dreams I had or have today
And pain I feared and faced and went away
The things I've done
The games I played
Made me to what I am

Why it is hard to know my goals?
Estranged from what I want
I know I was strong before I lost myself

See my true colours
Feel my true heart
The one I lost

This is my face
These are my eyes
My world, my life!

And all the things I didn't do,
The dreams I had or have today,
And pain I feel and faced; they went astray
The words I said
The smiles I faked
This is who I am and always be

Written by: Floor Jansen / Joost Van Den Broek / Waldemar Sorychta
Sent by Renegade. Subtitled by Poliana. Revised by Renegade.
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