Riverdale Cast

That’s not my name

Doesn't anybody ever get it right? Carrie
Why don't they remember I am Carrie White?
Is it any harder to say than that damn toad?
And spastic?
And weirdo?
And dumb bitch?

Doesn't anybody think that I can hear?
I hear
Specially when I got them screaming in my ear
I hear
Everyday they mock me and push me around
'Til I drop
If I had a wish God
I wish they'd stop

Sometimes their hatred is out of control
God, how they hurt me
Mama says: Suffering is good for the soul
But they hurt me

And if I could
I’d bring them all down to their knees
I’d make them sorry forever for teasing

I will not cry
I’m okay
I've tried so hard to play their way
Why do they find it so hard to say?
Why do they always treat me so bad?
They all know my name
It’s Carrie
I don't know why they all get so mad
It's always the same

What's going on deep in me?
All of these feelings, suddenly
If I am changing
Will I still be Carrie?
Or what if I am somebody new?
Imagine the things I might do

I might take a chance
I've always wondered how
And maybe I'll dance
And try hard to laugh more than I do now
And the world will open its eyes
And for once the world will recognise

And finally I'd hear their words
Sounding so sweet
Thousand of voices forever repeating

I am the sound of distant thunder
The colour of flame
I’m Carrie
I am a song of endless wonder
That no one will claim
But someday
Oh my, someday
Someone will know
My name?

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