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Empty Heart

Sahara Hotnights

It's not the fall of your empire, the end of your world
I say it will pass, you say this time it's never ending
You say it's elusive, it's out of your reach
I say the solution might be closer than it seems

I know you got reasons for shutting me out
You say it's so bad, that the bad is all you can depend on
It won't come easy and it won't come good
But I can be patient
I tell you next day is better ending

And I swore I could see right through your empty heart
I know you can't take it anymore
And I thought I could fill it, but I'm back at the start
You know I can't help you anymore

If it's the fall of your empire the end of your world
Don't let it break you there's still so much worth defending
You think you can't matter, but you'd be surprised
You're so much better and this time ain't never ending

Written by: Josephine Forsman / Maria Andersson Isn't this right? Let us know
Sent by Kaoru. Revised by Ana.
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