Salem Hill

With an air of betrayal
you hold out your hand
to continue the plan
that was laid bafore you
though your lips speak denial
you return where you came
knowing nothing's the same
as it was before

the day has come
to which you were appointed
and the sun slowly blackens in the sky

When you sow the wind
you will reap a storm
soon you will wish
you had never been born
like raindrops descending
becoming a flood
you have purchased the field of blood

As they all come together
there's a price on your head
for the field of the dead
you will pay
with the new quickly spreading
you will look in His eye
saying "surely not I"
and the innocent will die

With the night slowly fading
you return to the light
knowing nothing is right
ln your eyes anymore
with a kiss it is over
for you drank from the cup
and it swallowed you up
in the end

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