Little Demon

Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Down in the valley on a foggy little rock
Stood a pretty little demon blowing his top
Fire in his eyes and smoke from his head
You gotta be real cool to hear the words he said

He said (mumbling/scatting)
That cat was mad!

He had steam in his soul for the one he loved so
He had death on his mind 'cause my demon let him go
He gonna run through the world 'til we understand his pain
Somebody help him get his demon home again

He said (mumbling/scatting)
That cat- that cat was mad!

He made the sky turn green, he made the grass turn red,
He even put pretty hair on Grandma's bald head
He made the moon back up, he even pushed back time
He took the frutti out of tutti, he had the devil drinkin' wine

He said (mumbling/scatting)
That cat-cat was mad!

This demon felt good, 'cause he finally got across,
To the crazy little demon that the woman still the boss
Down in the valley on the foggy little rock
You can still hear the demon blowing his top

He said (mumbling/scatting)
That cat- that cat was mad!

He pushed back, brought in afternoon,
He even made Leap Year jump over the moon,
He took the Fourth of july and put it in May
He took this morning for a drive yesterday

He said (mumbling/scatting)
That cat- that cat was mad!

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