Not Today


We try to rip the shell away
Into the void without a trace
The counter measure you have now
Won't do a thing

It won't stick the ugly truth is here
Go on and disappear love
The crooked smile we fake
Is that the best we get
Is that the best we get

This is the thing that swallows you whole
Don't give away what you wanted so long
There's no more words no more reasons
Not one more lie you can feed us
Oh you know all the things we loathe
We become it
I defeated it we will become this

You bite your tongue and stay asleep
That's all the dirt that we need
The guilty pleasure you came for fed your disease
It don't stick the lines are blurred and grey
Go on and try to kill love
And that’s your last mistake
Is that the thanks we get
Yeah that's the thanks we get

If I was wrong then shut me down
You open up surrendered

(All things must end but not today)

But you don’t know what gives us hope
Enough to move forward

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