Make Believe Waltz

Som imaginário

Sing it along and watch what happens, yeah, now
dig it up, dig it up, hum, yeah

Junk city Judy and Marlin the witch
Have you really changed that much
Do you remember the sleepless junk nights
And the walks in the park

When I said that my feet had no roots
That they had a mind of their own
I don't know why I remember the days in September
In September, I remember, wow

.............. sold ice cream, that's so uncanny
In a hall ................
Oh I miss them so much

But I'm so, so far away
I'm so, so far away
Oh dear God, I'm so far away

Madison Avenue, our second hand shops
Where we used to buy our pills and our clothes
Oh dear God will those days ever come back
Oh come back, I really don't know, wow, wow

Will Douglas McGuire remember the parties
We had with his darling wife Anne
The pretty darling Anne
Did they really go to Mexico
Or they're gone and so far away
Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh,yeh, yeh
Take it along and watch what happens

Play it till the end
Oh yeah

Written by: Mike Renzi / Zé Rodrix
Sent by Vander.
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