Travelled the world in million ways
Catching the palm in familiar gaze
Everyone lives by two hard eyes
There's no one with time to laugh or cry
There's no one to tell us what we're living for

And though I tried to be a good man
I just know that I'll be losing very soon
And there are times and there are motions
When I do believe I'm going out of tune, oh

I've been around a long, long while
Looking for sun to make me smile
But still multiply their daily bread
They're thinking their lives put times ahead
It must be a mighty funny way to feel

And though I tried to be a good man
I keep finding out there's nowhere to begin
And so I think I'll go on singing
And in time I hope that we can all join in, oh

Written by: Rick Davies / Roger Hodgson
Sent by Gustavo.
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