An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories

Album by Suzanne Vega Listen
  1. Marlene On The Wall
  2. Luka
  3. So How Many People Are Here From Out Of Town?
  4. New York Is a Woman
  5. This Next Song Takes Place On 59th Street...
  6. Frank & Ava
  7. So I Myself Came To New York City When I Was 2½ Years Old
  8. Gypsy
  9. Freeze Tag
  10. Pornographer's Dream
  11. This Next Song Is Called New York Is My Destination
  12. New York Is My Destination
  13. The First Time I Saw Lou Reed...
  14. Walk On The Wild Side
  15. Ludlow Street
  16. Cracking
  17. And Now We've Got a Song About Those Times...
  18. Some Journey
  19. I'm Gonna Close With This Song...
  20. Tom's Diner
  21. Would You Like Another One?
  22. Anniversary
  23. Tombstone
  24. Thin Man