Tag Shai

Give her roses to be closer
Keep composing doses of potions that don't involve her
I can't keep you close but I promise I'll be there one day
If you try to take my cash I'll knock you one way
Every other way can't have no other way
Talk a lot of shit but you ain't got nothing to say
Nothing on my wrist, but got designer on my brain
Acting like this narcissistic cyst will go away
Go away

How I'm gonna' breathe
Now we're gonna' see
How I'm gonna' breathe
Now we're gonna' see

Disappearing visions
Got the risen division strapped, listening on positions
Look around and see Louie zombies in hallways
Blink-182 times and listen to Always
Always on the road, always on the go
Come and hear the lesson, the lesson you want to know
I could meet you with my laptop in the snow
Come around and leave the volume on low
Roll round in the Rover
Testing all these peasants with weapons of crossing over
Keep on taking me with you always
All day, I'll change
In the night alone out with my rubber bands
Dodging strippers coming at me shooting contraband
Cooperate with every race until I understand
The meaning of my self-degenerating moral plan

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