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The Barr Brothers

You draw the line
You draw it again
I follow the light to my closest friends
Straight as an arrow?
Well, that depends
You hit the road, and the road bends
I have no quarrels, no enemies
I know my failures, my expertise
The righteous gambling of '82
You came to me, but I was born to you

Where would you wander?
What would it mean?
There might be saviors, but no guarantees
When we needed something kind of like love
We fell together, I guess just because
Oh, my friend sorrow, you are relieved
I no longer need your company
And what's stuck in my throat is a mystery

And what it is
Is a heartbreaking, soul-shaking, overwhelming undertaking
That hit me once again

I knew your mother
She was my friend
It's only love to her that I do extend
When I fell under, sometimes nightly
She was the branch to which I held on tightly
I've tried my stable of remedies
I know it's hard to see the light when you're on your knees
I headed back
Borrowed a car
North Colorado via Arkansas

Island to island
Breaking my silence
I'm holding on you
Dwell in the violence
Behind my eyelids
I close then open
Something inside you is bending like I do
It's like I've heard this song

If down the line
You are to find me
Or some box of clues that I've left behind
I just thought that I'd save you some time
Straighten it out here and make it rhyme
It's not my nature to pretend
That any one road leads to any one end
And maybe victory's too heavy for arms like these
And freedom's too loaded with the speak of destinies
I just try to see the thing for what it is

And what it is
Is a heartbreaking, soul-shaking, overwhelming exhalation
That hit me once again
Hit me once again