I Touched a Dream

The Dells

Since you left, life don't mean a thing
I see the moon, i see the sunrise
But there's nothing in between
Sorry is the word, oh, but fool is what i really need
'cause when i touched you girl, i touched the queen

I touched a dream, yes i did, oh
I touched a dream

All i do is dream of fantasies, secret thoughts of love
Secrets of you and me and when we make love
Someone unreal will have to take your place
For without your love, my life is such a waste
I feel so bad because once the dream were so real
And pride won't let me hide the way it feels

To touched a dream, strange as it seems, oh
To touched a dream, strange as it seems

Since you left, life's been kind of mean
I tried another love affair but i couldn't feel a thing
Give me back the feeling, take this numbness from my heart
And give these hands of mine another chance
One more chance, oh

To touched a dream, stranger it seems
I touched a dream, strange as it seems
I touched a dream, stranger as it seems
I touched a dream, dream, dream, dream
When i touched you, baby

You know babe, i just realize, baby
Until you walk out the door, babe
I just realize i love you so much
Oh, don't, don't be so like that
To have a dream, to have a dream like you, baby

I touched a dream, dream, dream
Sometimes strange as it may seem
Come back one more time, baby
Let me put my hands around you, baby
Oh, oh, i touched a dream, strange as it seems

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