Destroy the Supermarket

The Flamingos

i know youre feeling down, feeling lonely
i know youre pissed that she left you on your own
but theres something that can offer a little consolation
-or at least get your lame ass off the couch where youve been sitting by the phone

destroy the supermarket
destroy the supermarket
its 1 am and its time to break some shit
so lets destroy the supermarket

he thought he cried he waited now hes pissed off
and hes ready for his vengeance and its so indirectly just
hes got a baseball bat and hes headed for the supermarket
its time to make stop and shop wish that she never dumped him
hes lost hes found hes hopeless
dangerous and ready for the worst thing that he ever had
trying to shake it off, but just one thing works
shake down and break down the walls
with the tears in his heart and the fire in his hand
his message traveling down from his heart to the bat the canned goods
price check in aisle ten, theres a mad man in our midst
hes breaking everything in reach of his baseball bat, and then some!
sometimes it takes a little destruction to put it all into perspective
so now hes breaking cans while hes shaking off his lost love
destroy and everything will be just fine now
destroy and all your thoughts of worry will be gone
destroy everything (everything!)
down every aisle smash in
no more broken hearts
just breaking food and breaking carts
and it feels so good

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