Mike Mullane

The Flamingos

every day working hard pushing on for something thats not there
but he cares hopes he wont turn out to nothing
does it cause he has to guess its what somebody told him
guess nobody said that you gotta be your own man
all the days slipping by, mike is getting tired
he dont care anymore, his mind is all but fired
hes moving life away from what it used to be and finding
that theres nothing more alive to him than being close to dying

this is the story of a kid named mike
he worked so hard he nearly lost his life
well he was under too much pressure
life was closing in from both ways
guess for things to change hes got to find out the hard way

all the days slipping by, mike knows that theres something thats not there
hes aware the girls he meets wont fill the void
but nothing comes his way and the price is all but paid
and the life he leads wont get him there anyway
so hes driving fast drinking hard, mikes playing with fire
he dont care, not a flinch, the stakes are getting higher
hes burning down his bridges just to watch them fall apart
now all hes got left is a 40 and a broken heart

this song goes out to a kid named mike
mike if you keep living like this youre gonna lose your life
but I want you to know I think its better
than not living at all
I just hope someone is waiting to break your fall

mike mullane has got a new way to live his life
mike mullane has got a new way to stay alive.

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