The Handsome Family

Arlene, I'm sorry for what I've done
I wasn't looking for love till I saw
Your red hair in the sun
What we had could never be love
That was easy to see
But when I saw you at red's pouring coffee
Something took a hold of me
Arlene, you wouldn't even let me hold your hand
When I stopped you in the road you just screamed and ran
That night I decided I was gonna marry you
My knife went through your screen door
And I went away with you
You were singing: Please let me go
All the way down to miller's cave
When I picked a stick up off the ground
You cried: I ain't ready for my grave!
Oh, arlene, in the dark your hair's just as red
And this long, dark cave will always be our wedding bed

Written by: Brett Sparks / Rennie S. Sparks
Sent by James.
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