Back In My Day

The Handsome Family

We had maps that unfolded back in my day
You could drink from the river
We had gods made of clay
There were mile-high glaciers, no locks on the doors
The stars burned brighter
We never counted past four

The birds were always watching
There were monsters in the sea
We wore watches on our wrists
There were ghosts in the trees

Way back in the days
You’re too young to have seen
When the nights were darker
Longer and deep

There was no time or space when I was growing up
We had summer all winter
The moon rose with the sun
And music sounded better
We recorded on rings of ice
And as the songs turned to water
We couldn’t help but cry

Way back in the good days
The ones you didn’t see
When everything was better
Darker and deep

Written by: Rennie Sparks
Sent by Paolo.
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