Two Gallants

Well it's finally time
For this makeshift and rhyme
And misery she hids inside words sublime
And listenin' in colors
And significant others just by

And the voiceless debate
When the clock's face is straight
Just echoes these pale bathroom walls where I wait
But all this white silence
Is better than violence

And for every redressing that
Discounted blessings
Seems every lost kid
Got some diction to guessing
Back washed malt liquor
Never tasted much sicker than now

And the blunt broken poets
Too unknown not to know it
Upon their illusions
In brains where I stow it
Here's my hosanna
Not a moment of plannin' until now

'Cause heard by this light
Anything could sound right
Well sisterhood shivers
In the vacuum of night
But these words are still nothing
But a bullshit kid bluffing for now

And still undiscovered
In a riptide of lovers
Some someday away
We wait for each other
But cause is the means
All my flaws go unseen
Unlike now

So I'm calling out to you
A memory once you knew
Now seems so deformed
Both so wrong and so true
And I frighten the virtues
Of a person like you who
Just wrestles in bed
With every thought of the head

If I wake here tomorrow
I won't be the same
I can't let you watch me
Just wastin' my brain
So baby be good to
The steps where I stood until now

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