Miss You


Lost inside our room
A priest at the door with news
Said you were gone and I knew - ooh and
My world was broken in two
I'd pray that you were here
To hold my heart
I'd hide myself in our bed
And cry myself numb

Oh God I miss you - tell me can you hear me
Oh God I miss you - I can't scream and I can't speak
Show me now (tell me how)
Will I ever be free from you
(Oh God I miss you)

Lost inside my head
I closed my eyes and fled
No pain, no gain, no death no more
I drown myself in flesh
Is there no way out no way how
Would you even know me now

I've found this thing that I make sing
Can you hear me now
Why did you go and leave
Me alone
Now I'm running away
From my home
No they'll never know
I'm gone
They don't know how, no how

Can you hear me now - ooh
Do you see somehow - ooh
Is there no love from your great beyond
Can you hear me now

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