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General queries

I could not find the lyrics or translation I wanted

Letras is a collaborative website, so all the lyrics and translations we have are submitted by people who use our service. IIf you couldn't find any lyrics or translations, it is because no one has sent it to us yet :(

If you have this material, you can contribute by sending it to us, thus making it available for all of the fans of this artist! To submit contributions through the mobile website, click here.

How do I send lyrics to the website?

Access the menu and choose "Send lyrics" or click here. You must log in to the website to send any lyrics.

It is still not possible to send all types of contributions through here yet, but we are already working on that feature! For now, you can contribute with translations, corrections, photos, and albums accessing the desktop version of the website.

Is it free?

Yes. All of the content on Letras is available for free. The ads served on the website may lead to other websites that may charge for the sale of their products or services.

How do I download music?

Letras is only a lyrics website. So, we do not offer MP3 music downloads.

How do I create and listen to my playlists?

Access the menu and log in to the website. You can create your own playlists and add songs directly from the lyrics page, on the option "Add to playlist".

To listen to your playlists, go to the menu, tap their name and choose the "My playlists" option.

Errors or difficulties using the website

I can't log in

Please try to access the page by an anonymous tab in your browser. If you're using Chrome, go to the menu and go to a "New Anonymous Tab".

If the error still, please send us a print of the page showing the error so we can check it out. You can send it to contato@letras.mus.br .

I found an incorrect lyrics, translation or information

Letras.com collection is made by contributions from our users. If you have found mistakes in the lyrics or lack of information (such as the composers' names), send us to check up!

For now, it is not possible to send those corrections through the mobile website, but you can send them through the desktop version in the option "Correct", on the menu on the lyrics page.

I can't listen to songs

Letras shows the videos available on YouTube so that you can listen to the song or watch the video itself. If you can't view the videos, we suggest that you access the website www.youtube.com and check if the videos are playing normally to you. If any error occurs, you'll see the instructions to solve the issue.

If the error still persists, send us a screenshot of the page showing the error so we can check it out. You can send it to contato@letras.mus.br.

An ad is hindering navigation

To maintain the website free, we need to keep the ads. In case an ad is blocking you to see any content or option, send us a screenshot to contato@letras.mus.br so that we can help you. ♥

Other doubts

Who develops Letras.com

Letras is developed by Vignoli Comunicação and is part of the Studio Sol Comunicação Digital, a company with more than 18 years of experience creating great entertainment sites, such as Cifra Club (biggest platform of music teaching in the Brazil) and Palco MP3 (platform for independent music promotion).

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