Milk Inc.

Six o'clock in the morning,
my plane just touched the ground.
My body is here but my heart stays there,
'cause it knows what I've found.
Eight o'clock in the morning,
my taxi drives uptown.
The city hides her lonely tears,
'cause it knows what I've found.

Oceans apart.
I'm still thinking of you.
Tears in my heart.
All my dreams are torn in two.

Eight o'clock in the evening
the phone just lies around.
Friends they call and understand,
'cause they know what I've found.
It's two after midnight
I'm woken by a sound.
I look outside there's no one there,
that knows just what I've found.

As the sun touches the ocean,
I know it touches you.
As clouds embrace the moonlight
I still think of you.

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