Kitten's Got Claws


Walking down the street, you're the center of my universe
You got the world in your pocket, my manhood locked in your purse
You ain't a bad girl, honey, no matter what the neighbors say
It's just you wear those skintight dresses with your g-string tuned to A
Sweet, sweet, child of the street
Heaven sent, you're an angel dressed in black
Cool stiletto strut, you're a drop-jaw cardiac
You're the genuine, feline, prettiest girl I've ever seen
With your thief of hearts smile you're a certified pleasure machine
Sweet, sweet, child of the street
Dressed to kill in diamonds and fur
You get what you want with your pussycat purr
But the kitten's got claws, she
'll tear your heart out
The kitten's got claws, she'll scratch your back
The kitten's got claws, she'll tease an' please you
The kitten's got claws, she's a heart attack

You treat me good, sometimes you treat me bad
But keep it up, honey, you're the best time I ever had
No matter what you put me through, I must confess
Ooh, you got more style than a brand new XJS
Sweet, sweet, child of the street
(repeat verse one and chorus)
You scratch my back, baby, and I'll scratch yours

Written by: David Coverdale / Jim Vandenburg
Sent by Deivid. Revised by Reginaldo.
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