Youth Group

Released under watchful skies into a town I didn't recognise
I was a tourist with no story, lost in this purgatory
Escaped the smell of chalk and shame, pledged a classroom in my name
The PTA won't bless me and the yearbook will assess me
I walked down these familiar streets, now filled with circus freaks
My plans are as useful as a baby's hand there's no planning in

Shadowland, shadowland, shadowland...

I chased you round the chimney stacks, the burnt earth pressed into our backs
It was so dark I just don't know what I kissed and I couldn't even see what I missed
You walked me across freedom fields, my shadow was a forcefield
I want to float upon my memories, not sink into the gloaming seas of shadowland

Weight loss, first frost, valium, sink fast
Life coach, guru, I turn and I find you