The Best It's Gonna Get


Sit down and shut up I don't want to hear a word come out of your mouth. Why won't you listen to me?
You're dreaming - outside life's great but inside you're screaming
It's not how you thought it would be?

Are you hoping for something?
Waiting for some sign?
It's time to jump in or simply get the hell out
I think you better make up your mind

Your perfect world
Has been upset
And this is the best it's gonna get

C'mon, get up shake it off and work your way beyond the fallout
But you still won't listen to me
You're screaming - Bam! the smack of the truth wakes you from your dreaming
So inconveniently

It sucks that it was all for nothing
Your plans were redesigned
It's a shame you didn't stand for something
Now it's too late to make up your mind

Your life's been overated
Hopelessly complicated
You can keep your fame and you can
Keep your money
Keep your beauty

It's a shame how long you've waited
Constantly constipated
So grab your knees and clench your teeth and
Reap your glory
Reap your glory

Written by: Klayton
Sent by Rafael. Subtitled by Stoopid. Revised by 2 people.
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