Love The Way You Do So


On & on & on, here's the break of dawn
coming through the window heart
pull yourself a chair up love

On & on & on, quiver like a reed
let yourself a go go old man
honour me a solo young one

Careful not to give yourself away
There is still tomorrow & a heart felt meaning

When you get that feeling you will recall
A night of love in motion

We shall lie Warm inside
Quite at ease Watch me glide
Love the way you do so
We shall lie Side by side
Here & now Talk in turn
Love the way you do so

Time is rolling on, blending with the mind
Love the way you tease me heart
Tear another layer off love

Listen to the stillness of the day
Drawing ever closer like your heart is beating
And when I hear it beating I will recall
A night of love in motion

Written by: Andy Bell / Vince Clarke
Sent by Larissa.
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