40 Days In Kansas

Ezra Furman

40 days in Kansas
40 nights in pain
This world took my fame
That world took my name
Here go I with nothing
Here go I the same
White swan on the river
Black swan in the rain
I could hear the thunder
Rolling far away

Moses hid the water
Jesus hid the sky
We just hid the in-between
And kissed it all goodbye
Catch me when I'm falling
Catch me in the rise
Wash me in the river
Hold me in your mind
I could hear the thunder
Rolling far behind

Thunder roll
For the evening with its blue-black tone
Thunder roll
For the morning with its great unknown
Thunder roll its bones

White wing on the water
Black wing on the sand
Red wing in the sunset
I can hardly stand
Sleeping in the doorway
With a bottle in your hand
I could hear the thunder
Rolling across the land

Thunder roll
For the young blushing groom and bride
Thunder roll
For the old with their tired eyes
Thunder roll goodbye

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