Just a Thought

Gnarls Barkley

All I want is your understanding
As in the small love of affection
Why is this my life, is almost everybodies question

And I've tried, everything but suicide
But it's crossed my mind

I prefer peace
Wouldn't have to have one, but in possesion
But essentially I'm an animal
So just what do I do with all the agression?

Well I've tried everything but suicide
But it's crossed my mind

Life is a one way street
If you could pay me, I'd show myself going in the right direction
So I go all the way
Like I really really know what but the truth is I'm only guessing

And I've tried everything but suicide
But yes it's crossed my mind, just a thought

It's even dark in the daytime
It's not just good, it's great depression
When I was lost I even found myself, looking in the gun's direction

And so I tried, everything but suicide
And yes it's crossed my mind
But I'm fine

Written by: Brian Burton / Kevin Peek / Thomas Callaway
Sent by Juliana. Revised by Roberta.
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