As (Seasons)

Har Mar Superstar

Come into the warmth
I've had a fire burning here for you all day
That's my way
Girl take off your sexy snowsuit
Put back on your moon boots and we'll play
This winter day

We've got to get these wet clothes off
Stay in and have a rollaround
As the seasons change
Freaky, freezy, taunt and tease me
Make it hot 'cause I'm too easy
As (that's where that next as comes in)

Let's step outside and see the horny neighborhood kids get set free
Just like bunnies
Libido hibernation terminates when chemicals hit brains
On this spring day

We can watch the clothes all peeling off
As the sun will keep on creeping away
As the seasons change
I'm happy lying in the grass
Content we're searching for ass too
As the seasons change

Change, time will tell
As the seasons change

Break out the sunblock, yeah take it off
Your bikini lines will fade
They'll go away
I got the flip-flop and the popsicle so we won't overheat
This summer day

Let's set the scene with candelight
The ocean breeze will serve us right
As the seasons change
Rooftop with barely nothing on
Can't see but I know the people are looking at (as) my nudity

Get out your creepy thing 'cause Halloween is sneaking up our way
Oh it's spooky
Ooh I can see your breath, you're bound to get your death without no sleep
This autumn day

The leaves will turn to deeper shades
And the children sing, ring ring, go away
As the seasons change

Get back to school, you're a bigger man
One year closer to your degree
As the seasons change


Written by: John Fields / Sean Tillmann
Sent by Daniela. Revised by Jean.
Did you see an error? Send us your revision.

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