Give it to you on time it’s no kidding
Give it to you one time this opening
I been Cleaning up a long time like old linens
When I hit em with the one line it’s oblivion

I won’t even try handle opinions
Nah I’m seeking michangelo brilliance I
Wanna seek the highs and the lows
I plan to know what life hands with no limits

You just wanna kill for the coupe or the Porsche
How you say you’re real make a tune for the cost
They know how I feel get a tomb for the cause
But now I wanna chill in a room full of sauce

And I’m bringing life like a fruit with a seed in it
And I gotta die speaking truth for the cause I
Run up with the mic on the track with no speed limit
Man I bring the heat to the booth with the bars I

Walk in the room feeling silky smooth
They smell defeat like some filthy shoes
How do they dance to your conscious music
Well If they’re not stuck they can still be moved

I showed them rapping is cool yah
I took it back from the fools yah
You made it back to the jewel er
But I made impact but did you? nah

I got the game on lock it’s a new dealership
They couldn’t stop me and neither will you
I got my haters and opps do you feel that ish
They stack the hay but I’m needling through

You know when you try to grasp it
But your head isn’t having it
So you’re reaching for the tablets in your medicine cabinet
Everything afterwards you hear they said is inaccurate
But when they’re threatened like
That you’re doing better than average

Oh no saw the hate when they saw my photo
But they’re not anywhere I go so
So they’re not coming near my ozone no no

The grass is greener when you view glowed upon
It’s not bout the grass it’s bout who mowed the lawn
If you’re different in person then who wrote the songs
I don’t change for the funds ain’t no bureau de change

They keep decreasing the bar
I hold it they keep releasing the bar
The problem is that they don’t have any drive
You see me I keep the keys in the car

I never let them diminish my value
The second they try it the minute
They have you your minutes are valuable limits are malleable
You can go farther ceilings allow you to

You can do anything anything if you put your mind to it
You can do anything... but don’t take my word for it

This is the truth it’s infallible
Put it in use it’s invaluable
All the bars are mixed with parables
This is knowledge its inflammable

Where the hell they find this kid it’s a mystery
I don’t know man it’s the gift that did this to me
I was trying to find me hints at my destiny
All I followed was my instincts and instantly

I was put onto a stage with a mic on it
Iconic they’re here engaging with my knowledge
All I do is fill a page with my mind on it
Ironic They find a wave and they ride on it

You can do anything anything if you put your mind to it
You can do anything... but don’t take my word for it

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