From The Flame Into The Fire

Album by Lord Of The Lost Listen
Disco 1
  1. Fists Up In The Air
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. La Bomba
  4. Afterlife
  5. Kill It With Fire
  6. Six Feet Underground
  7. Go To Hell
  8. Odium
  9. My Own Shadow
  10. Bicth
  11. I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Feat. Douglas Blair of W.A.S.P)
  12. Holy F (Feat. Nina Jiers Of Neopera)
  13. In A Perfect World
Disco 2
  1. See You Soon (Subway To Sally Remix)
  2. Kill It with Fire (But Kill It Good - Rabia Sorda Version)
  3. Eure Siege (Ostfront Version)
  4. Heart For Sale (Darkhaus Remix)
  5. Die Tomorrow - The Day After (Remix by Letzte Instanz)
  6. Blood for Blood (A Life Divided Club Remix)
  7. Sex On Legs (Formalin Club Mix)
  8. Prologue (Mental Breakdown Remix)
  9. I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Massiv in Mensch Remix)
  10. Nothing Words Can Say (Noodlz Remix)
  11. My Heart Is Black (The Law Remix)
  12. Break Your Heart (Stahlmann Rebuild Mix)
  13. Do You Wanna Die Without A Scar (Hell Boulevard Version)
  14. My Own Shadow (Latexxx Teens Version)
  15. Blood for Blood (Ein Walzer Für Klarinette und Pianoforte by Le Comte Caspar Von Coppelius)
  16. Die Tomorrow (Swing Tomorrow Version by Rocksin)
  17. Sex On Legs (Hotel Lounge Version)
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