Just feelin' things out for real, ya know?
Just wanna do me for real, ya know?
No reason to make it complicated, you feelin' agitated,
You love it or you hate it鈥uck it
Desperation, jumpin' off of street corners here
Hustlahz lookin for buzz like "pop one in here"
Local state officials鈥⌦㜱㬰.yeah they out of touch
Getting money for some, aiyo, ain't nothin' much
But yo鈥î›'et them tell it, we smoke it and we sell it
You don't understand, so don't tell it
You sneakin' souls just for phat diamond golds
Cuz our lady friends have likings for designer clothes
People in my hood think鈥⌦㜱㬰.if I'm lookin raggedy, then
the cat is just a weak
In the very fake chain of oppression鈥⌦㜱㬰.if television
taught me any lesson, it's
"Image is Nothing", but yo I got a thirst鈥othing,
but yo I got a thirst
Nothing, but yo I got a thirst鈥hat's first? Your rings or
your purse?

Jonathan Davis (KoRn):

(Oh boy鈥h boy! Make your wagers back there! Step
lively鈥omen and
children first! The world is coming to an end! Come on
now鈥e're looking at
the end! We have to leave them鈥e have to leave all our
behind鈥⌦㜱㬰.{brought back鈥rought
back鈥⌦㜱㬰.[repeated]} LET'S GOOOOO!)

It's kinda scary you see鈥⌦㜱㬰.
How fucked up things can be
Each time you take a bath
How it could have been your last
There's so much shit around us
Things we can't even see
Is this the end of our line?
That's where I wanna be鈥⌦㜱㬰.that's where I wanna be
That's where I want to be鈥⌦㜱㬰.that's where-I want-to be

(End of Time)-repeated