Carrie & Lowell

Sufjan Stevens

Carrie and lowell
Such a long time ago
Like a dead horse
Meadowlark drive your arrow
Season of hope (after the flood)
Valentine, spurn my sorrow
Head on the floorboards (covered in blood)
Drunk as a horsefly
Climb on the mattress pad
Twist my arm

Under the pear tree
Shadows and light conspiring
Covered bridge, I scream
Cottage grove shade invite me
I will bow down (dido's lament)
Lord of the ancient waters
From the backyard (as far as she went)
Carrie surprised me
Erebus on my back
My lucky charm

Carried by stones
Fairyland all around us
Like a dead horse
Sign of your children's fever

Carrie, come home
(Thorazine's friend)
Holding your hands with opai
Like a dead horse
(Shall we ascend)
Flight of the mayfly
Ephemera on my back
She breaks my arm

Written by: Sufjan Stevens
Sent by Jonathan.
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