Did You Ever Get A Feeling Of Dread?

The Suicide Machines

Did you ever get a feeling of dread?
That everything they're saying's not all that they've said

Why do they want to take us to war yeah
Why do they wanna put us in a government's war?
There's all this fighting and we don't know what for
So the rich get richer and the poor stay poor


Poisoning the earth and the ground
So death comes swift it never makes a sound
The air is filled with carbon monoxide choke
On the diesel black clouds and the billowing smoke
Why do people fight over religion and politics
I've spent most of my life trying to figure it
Out yeah yeah yeah it may be a question that
Never gets answered it may result in some kind
Of final disaster and oh what a shame it would
Be but it would set the world free

[chorus 4x]

All that they've said oh yeah

Written by: The Suicide Machines
Sent by Angélica.
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