Sting In The Tail


I don't care about the summer rain
I know it's good for the garden
Don't care when blue skies
They turn to grey
But when you come around
And try to run me down
The storm clouds darken

I don't get down when the leaves go brown
It's just the charm of the season
Things in nature have their reason
But when you come along and try to do me wrong

Well the first time I'll ignore it
But don't you push me beyond the pail
But then you're gonna find there's no more water in the well
You may think you're gonna walk right all over me
But there's a sting in the tail of this honey bee

The wind blows cold as the year grows old
That's just the natural way it goes
I feel the chill from my head down to my toes
Each time you call my name
And tell me I'm to blame

The cold winds gonna blow
Let it rain, let it snow
But don't give me your grief
I can't take it any more...

Written by: Rick Davies
Sent by Wanderley.
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