Candy Rockets


Rocket roll
Rock and roll

I’m soaring on this rocket ride
Through those cotton candy clouds
Sticky fingers sticking out
As they slice through all the mounds

It’s a trip we barely make now
Got no time for taking time
Though it hardly takes a second
To reach out and grab a bite

Up high
We fly
I spy
You and I

Look out past that atmosphere
Discover here, there, everywhere
Stuck in a world this upside-down
It’s hard to keep your feet on the ground

Feel your worries melt away
With no traces left behind
Unwind and free your mind

Take in these technicolors
Go on and let your eyes grow wide
This is your nick of time

Keep soaring high, break through the surface
Till you reach new heights
Till you reach the other side

We’re floating, soaring high above
Through those cotton candy clouds
Giving high fives to the stars as
Hopeful comets pass us by

A rocket trip on its course
Rising up to the sublime
Live free and fly high

Na na na na na na

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