Morning Sun

The Beautiful Girls

When i wake into the Morning Sun,
Well i feel another day has just begun
I see those clouds up in the sky,
and i don't care, everything is gonna be alright

And i won't you to know, some feelings come and go
but for you mine will never change
It's harder than it seems to know what to believe,
here in my mind i hold you close

I got to keep on walking
with my head held high,
because I see,
the sky on a day like
this, and i know, I will be free

Well i have never seen a face like yours,
It makes me smile just when i think of you for sure.
and all we have is all we have to show,
and all we need is here for free
Just thought i'd let you know

And when i hold you close, it's you i love the most,
you take my loneliness away
I saw you in my dreams and then you came to me
will you be mine?, i only hope

Written by: The Beautiful Girls
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