I'm a Mother

The Pretenders

I'm a mother
Treat me like a mother
You want to suck on my breast
I'm so surprised you do
I'm the source and the force to your life too, brother
Oh oh oh oh I'm a mother
And I take like a mother
I understand blood and I understand pain
There can be no life without it never doubt it
I'm a mother
I gave you all my money
To help the family
But what you do to me don't humiliate me
Remember, I'm a lifelong member
Oh oh oh oh I'm a mother
Treat me like a mother
In the middle of the night I be deep in a dream
You fancy your company you only have to scream loud, brother
Oh oh oh I'm a mother
And I fake like a mother
I understand time and it isn't on my side but to service mankind I
Have to suffer his pride
Like a mother
You say your protection is proof of your affection
If I need security, I'll keep a gun on me
Don't barter with me, don't barter with me
Little sacrifices, go straight to heaven
But hunting season's over
This is the 20th century
Oh don't barter with me
Oh oh oh I'm a mother
And I ache like a mother
If there is a terrible crash and bodies strewn everywhere
I'll wrap them up and carry them, if someone has to bury them
Oh oh
I'm the vessel of life I got the trauma here to prove it
When it's time for me to labor for you everybody move it
Like a mother

Written by: Chrissie Hynde / J.F.T. Hood
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