The Last Rose of Cintra

The Witcher

The last rose of Cintra
Has blood upon her thorns
A forgotten tale of Elder Blood
And all futures past reborn

Swirling spheres of otherness
Of hope and doom forlorn
Her path could lead to happiness
Or the end of times for all

Ghosts of futures falling
Have saddled up to ride
Seeking the Lion Cub of Cintra
Last living of her pride

And every hand will reach for
The power that lies untold
The time of axe and sword is nigh
Blood-red seeds of war are sown

So seek ye now the White Wolf
He'll stay their wicked hand
A steel and silver burning heart
To guide through darkened lands

Your future lies unspoken
In timeless emerald eyes
A world may burn as pages turn
Or a saviour may arise!