2Late (feat. Kool A.D. & Saf)

Toro Y Moi

'Cause I'm kind of cold and I'm with someone
Na na na na na na,
Here we go, nothing you can do about it
Na na na na na na,
No I knew you were the one for me
Na na na na na na,
Never mind, never mind, never mind
While you chocolate candy type profit dandy type
Rewrote this on a trandum white
Come out tan will random dyke
Masculine, feminine, send the light
See my wrists on that piff, alright
Spit that's my candle light
I'm a beast, you might like
How I stand on the land and night and day
And transitional periods right we're little shizz
For beardy kids and 20 years birds
First time offenders who felt like their lives ended
Only to start again too late
I'm about love, I don't do hate
I don't wanna write this down
I just wanna tell you how I feel right now
I don't wanna write this down
Na na na na na na,

Left the park now I feel like a spaceship
Bullets ride over here but we taste it
Mama sleep but the front door is silent
You confront the maker and I'm out the pilot
Even struck at me and I love the violets
Showing on when you see me just crying
Stand still at your feet is a violence
Crush the pin the trophy is violence
You'll try doesn't know how to buy it
Kiss a ring, kiss the finger go on try it
Set my biz, set me down, tell me what else
Kill me next, kill me next, kill me next
Years later you can still hurt me
I'm never hate her, she hurts me by deeper
I tried to be cool but I couldn't see
A way, a way, a way

You and me girl too late
Gotta make it worthwhile
Gotta make the tale on
Look at how much we work

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