Been drinkin all night my eyes are bloodshot
Been losin my mind my head is sore
Nothin else to do when you've done it all and lived to tell

Been drinkin myself a sea of gold
Shot after shot but it never grows old
Join me if you wanna throw your liver right into the fire

(you can't get the blood so don't even try)

Been diggin in the earth my hands are raw
I been makin love to another girl
Tryin like hell to find myself an escape

I been playin guitar my fingers hurt
I've been smokin cigars now my lungs are burned
Nasty habits keep the demons inside me down

Been spending my time like dollars in g-strings
Been burnin my bridges just to feel the heat
Cross me once and i'll piss right on your grave

I'm a killer and all my blood runs cold
From texas down to mexico
Gimme one more drink the sunrise is so far away

Written by: Middlefinger
Sent by Jean.
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