Evening Prayers

Riverdale Cast

Father almighty, she's only a child
But the woman is waking inside her
She will be lost If her passion runs wild
So I can't let her stumble and fall

As you help your child divine
Give me the strength to help mine

I never wanted to cause you such pain
But there are times when my life is so frightening
Maybe I do things that I can't explain
But my feelings for her never change

You are still my precious one
Can you forgive what I've done

I was wrong
It hurts me to hurt you
I’d rather die
Then see you suffer
One day you’ll bless me
For lighting the way

Look inside your heart
That’s where forgiveness must start

After all
We have no one except each other
The world outside can’t understand you
When they betray you
I’ll always be here

You’re the reason I’m alive
You’re the only reason I survive
In my life there's only one thing true
I will always love you

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