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  1. Midnight City M83
  2. Grow Till Tall Jonsi
  3. Time It's Time Talk Talk
  4. It's My Life Talk Talk
  5. Wait M83
  6. Take Me Somewhere Nice Mogwai
  7. Outro M83
  8. I Need You M83
  9. Give It Up Talk Talk
  10. Souvenirs d'un autre monde Alcest
  11. Cannibal Bury Tomorrow
  12. Starálfur Sigur Rós
  13. Such a Shame Talk Talk
  14. My Tears Are Becoming A Sea M83
  15. I Believe in You Talk Talk
  16. Living In Another World Talk Talk
  17. Where No One Goes Jonsi
  18. Goodbye (feat. Toki Asako) TOE
  19. Protection Alcest
  20. Untitled #8 Sigur Rós
  21. Olsen Olsen Sigur Rós
  22. Life's What You Make It Talk Talk
  23. Atlantique Sud M83
  24. My Foolish Friend Talk Talk
  25. Today Talk Talk
  26. The Age Bury Tomorrow
  27. Renée Talk Talk
  28. Holes In The Sky (feat. HAIM) M83
  29. Autre Temps Alcest
  30. Together From Afar Jonsi
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