Can't Let Go

Salem Hill

Every day's another struggle. Never seem to reach an end
Like a palm tree in a sea storm watch to see how far we'll bend
Everybody seems so focused, chasing dollars in the wind
Can we rise above the chaos, set the standard from within?

I can't let go-------got to hold on to what I know
The world's my home--do I dare to stand out alone?
I can't let go

I've heard lt said a thousand times: "There's gotta be a purpose here!".
Clock ln, clock out human robots, staying here in fear of there.
I wish I was a pioneer brave to forge a new frontier,
Like a leader with a vision, straight and narrow, crystaI clear

Watch out now the water's rising. Drowning those who will not fight.
In the sky the gray clouds form, turning all our days to night.
I wish I was a lighthouse beacon on a mountain shining bright.
Leading others safely homeward, giving out a guiding light.

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