Salem Hill

I dream of the day I'll see you again
The years have not diminished my hope
And if there's a way I'll find it be sure
I embrace expectation to cope

I search for a way to see you again
There's so much I want to find out
Oh, what would you say and have you missed me?
Lifetimes we could both talk about

I've been to the gypsies, the old mountain sage
The gifted young children and wise men of age
The high ancient temples, the most sacred place
Even the Bible (just in case)
And each of these schools have their views
And different ways to be with you

I look to the time I'll see you again
In one of these views lies the truth
We'll sail off together on a ship borne with hope
Just me and my childhood and you

Written by: Carl Groves
Sent by Leone.
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