Lake of Fear

Access Beyond

Sometimes I can hear ocean roar in the beggars mouth
to be the pride and joy ~ the laughter pitiful of others
the noose holds on when you walk once more through the cheater's town
and like a little boy
you get the shivers down your spine a way that the world feels odd...

when I leave the water run
bend on the floor I wait for dawn
and I know it won't be long
when I'll be swimming for the shore

...for the shore...

sometimes all the held back feelings become stream of tears
or awake the animal ~ desires not told, not followed
the moment you're rowing alone your boat on the lake of fear
the paddles feel emerge...
the touch of water breeds the sorrow once more

the shoreline closing up on you
and it feels so cruel ~ the water crystal blue
take the time to...
go down the drain
wash away my pain
and yet feel the same
minutes crawl and the soul catches on fire
I will never break but this is way too much to take

So come ~ wake me then when the night is gone
'cause it feels so long in your head...